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Welcome to the home and future of great music. At London Kings Records & LK.TV we take full pride in developing your career to help you reach the ultimate goal. Our services will ensure your music, video and marketing strategies reach its full potential.

LK.TV will be built as a website where artists, videographers and more can promote videos. Artists include we work with Tasha Tah, Nash and Rio Jai, combining over 1 Million views in over 6 months.

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LK.TV uses innovative tools to gain organic traffic online. Whether you’re a new artist or have an existing fan base, our team of specialists aim to provide you with a gateway, used by many companies worldwide, allowing you more awareness.

Starting from only £200.00 per video, our team will use techniques used by leading companies to bring organic traffic to your video. Our guarantee of 50,000 organic views or we’ll refund you the money.

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Our new channel is being built up and you can have your profile appear on there. In our base package, it will cost you £200 to have our bundle which includes audience optimisation, traffic growth, analytics and more.