Rio Jai

Having grown up in a musical family, it was impossible to escape the musical legends such as Kumar Sanu, Mohd Rafi and many others. However, growing up in Warwickshire only allowed my taste buds for music to flourish when I was introduced to the sounds of Usher, Michael Jackson, Drake and so much more.

It was a few years ago I was introduced to Vee Music and we worked very closely on a couple of collaborative unreleased music, however my ambitions in exploring the music industry was become more and more real.
In the course of lockdown, my own Instagram show ‘The Rio Jai Show’ attracted many people across the world to tune in to a show that had games, musical sing offs with some of the main Asian singers in the industry. However it was episode five, with Tasha Tah, that completely catapulted me into the limelight. 
I was grateful to find myself on a phone call to Tasha’s management, who expressed a desire to work together and asked if I would be willing to jump on their management. At this point, everything was very surreal but incredible. 

After happily agreeing, ‘Aaja Soniye’ became my first international debut featuring the incredible Tasha Tah, which became an A playlist song on the radio stations. Being ever so grateful, the radio interviews followed, and the guest appearance on shows, the feeling of living a dream became a reality.
Having had some incredible hits, debuts that are crossing a million, I was then approached by London Mela to feature as an artist. This was a real honour to be a part of something so international. This would be my very first virtual reality concert.

Very soon approached my first magazine editorial shoot with Asiana Magazine. This became a very monumental milestone for myself as having parents in the fashion industry, Asiana Magazine was a household name for us. Having worked with the most talented international creative directors, I was blown away by what concept and ideas came to fruition from it all.

Currently, I am about to release my next single, and I am just so overwhelmed by the love and support from you all. Thank you for welcoming me so gracefully.